Well where did this come from?

I love the BBC show Sherlock. Like, I absolutely adore it. In the show Dr. Watson has a blog, which is where I got my idea to start one, but I didn’t want to pay money for it. Hence why I am here.

Whenever I see blogs in TV shows or movies, something exciting is usually happening or there is a challenge someone is attempting to do (like in Julie & Julia). I am doing none of that (well maybe I’ll challenge myself, I don’t know). I really have nothing exciting happening to me at all right now. I have plenty of angst and a lot of issues, but nothing is currently happening to me.

I am in between semesters (of college), I have no job (though I vehemently wish I did), and no idea where to start. I feel like each post has to have a topic because I hate people who make no sense when they write. You know what though? Screw it! It’s my blog and, most likely, no one is going to read it anyways!

So you know what, screw you old professors who have an issue with my writing style and screw anyone who is going to judge me without even knowing me!I’m going to start expressing my opinion! Hopefully this will carry over into real life as well and I will stop being so passive in my own life (though I do think I have gotten better in the last year or so).

Maybe, maybe I will become a better person through writing.

What I really want is to become a stronger woman. I want to become an Iron Goddess like most of the women in my family. I don’t think I’m there yet but I know that I am stronger than the majority of girls on this entire freaking planet. So yes, I know I can do it.

See, I’m rambling. I do that a lot, and that is so annoying. My point is that even if I am writing to myself (and how depressing does that sound?)at least I am doing something proactive towards my mental health and my own stability. I am going to keep writing because that’s what I like to do. Besides, a very wise, older (and very pretty) lady once told me I’m good at it, which I am very proud of because this lady is freakin’ smart and a compliment from her is a very good thing (again, screw you old professors, screw you and your holier than thou faces!), but there is always room for improvement.


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